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Double eccentric disc design. This design reduces the seating wear to a minimum. Camming action during closing provides superior throttling characteristics. Soft seat and metal seat options provide a wider range of service applications in brands including Superseal and Hyundai.

Product Features: 

Applicable Standards: 

For Superseal butterfly and other valve types, visit the Australian Pipeline Valve website.

For slurry and abrasive service full port plug valves click here.

Also ask about the Superseal full cam action butterfly valve. This valve type is designed especially for abrasive service and dirty/ contaminated service with particulates in media. The proprietary design disc totally lifts off the seat during turning and then the disc axially closes onto the seat rather than rolling or scraping into position. Therefore, there is never any rotary turning contact even on final closing position which can then damage the seat. Global Supply Line can also offer a patented Superseal cam action metal seat ball valve operating on the same principal, especially for abrasive service.